About us

High Coast Kayak® is basically a small family business, started in 2006 and then matured in size as well as form with the years. Our driving force is the wish to help people getting out in our gorgeous and so accessible semi-wilderness, in a way that is highly enjoyable but also gentle on nature. We have long worked with base in the Kayak House at Mellanholmen in Härnösand, tightly with the Kayak Section of "Friluftsfrämjandet" there.

Director and Highly Responsible for the company has been and is Lars Blad; paddling since childhood, at the High Coast since.. 1989. As an "immigrant" from Southern Sweden, still charmed, even enamoured, by the landscape!

On and off, parts of the family have joined on the water as summer employees (Miranda, Johanna and Jonathan). If you are lucky, you may still meet them on the water, or colleagues-amphibians Simon and Fredrik, if they are not out surfing..

After a few years intermission (due to other duties) we now re-launch in the Summer of 2023 from a new, carefully chosen place at the intersection of our two main Kayaking Routes: the River Route coming in from North-West, and the High Coast Route going out to North-East. In a little protected bay, with a beavers nest..