Sea Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the great ways to enjoy Swedish nature. The West Coast is gorgeous with its smooth granite, the Stockholm archipelago fantastic with its abundance of islands, and further down the East Coast you also have some wonderful archipelagos. But many experienced kayakers find that the High Coast, further up North, is even more rewarding – the granite cliffs of different colors, the blue-green mountains towards the horizon,  the vast semi-wilderness, where you rarely have competitors for the natural bay where you would like to put up your tent.. As you may know, it is quite OK to tent almost anywhere for one night, according to the Swedish “Right of Public Access” – as long as you don’t disturb, and leave no marks. Freedom under responsibility.

The High Coast stretches between Härnösand in the South, to Örnsköldsvik in the North, a straight distance of 70 km. But the bays, small fishing villages and other reasons for detours often make the route longer, so best is if you can set aside a week or two, to really unwind. The winds in summer are generally from South to North, meaning that if you want to cover the distance, this direction is to be preferred. Parts of the Coast are also quite exposed to the open sea, so this is not a tour for beginners. And even the more experienced may find it wise to stay a day on shore if wind and waves build up. If you do not enjoy the surf.. Daily weather updates are recommended.

For the not-quite-so-experienced, there is the more protected, but not less scenic, Ångerman River.