We plan to puzzle together some of what we think are the best combinations of trekking and kayaking to small packets of 1-2 days with good kayaking AND good trekking.

Now for 2023 we do not have time to complete this, but if you yourselves figure out a stretch that you want to trekk, and an adjoining suitable kayaking route, we might be able to help you with the sometimes challenging logistics part - WHERE do you change from trekking boots to buoyancy aid.. and where do you leave your backpack, too large to fit into the kayak.. and not least, where do you find a kayak out there on the track?

So: plan for a suitable combo-route, with a preliminary "changing-point", and e-mail us with your wishes, and we will check if we can book in our calendar that we will pop up with your kayaks, or backpacks at an agreed time and place..

Thus, this year we only post the two main trekking trails here.