Getting here

Our little paradise is a bit out in the (semi-) wilderness, but it's easy to reach, both from land and sea.

Take the TRAIN! Direct trains from Stockholm to Härnösand, many continue to Kramfors. You may of course also come from the North, e g from Umeå or Örnsköldsvik (or Kiruna or Narvik). During the summer the trains more often stick to the time tables.. Book through SJ (State Rail Services), or if you are closer, with NorrtågGet off in Härnösand (30 min drive with car or bus to us), or Kramfors (15 min drive) - we pick you up after pre-agreement at the train in our 7-seated hybrid car; no charge for you who arrive by train.

Bus can sometimes be a cheaper alternative. Check Ybuss here!

Bus and train stops at Härnösands Resecentrum, the old railway station, walking distance to City Centre and to Mellanholmen. We pick you up for free if you arrive by train, otherwise 200 SEK charge.

Domestic flights mainly land at Sundsvall-Timrå Airport (Midlanda), about 30 km/30 min south of Härnösand, flights from Stockholm/Arlanda, sometimes from Gothenburg, can be booked through SAS. - An alternative, a bit closer but fewer flights, is Höga Kusten Airport (Kramfors airport), which has fewer flights, but you may get to see the High Coast Bridge and part of the River when flying in. - We pick you up if agreed at airport, for a charge of 200 SEK from High Coast Airport, 300 SEK from Midlanda.

By car from the South you can write "Ramö 124" on your GPS/Google Maps or similar, or you drive the E 4 up to and past Härnösand, and just before the High Coast Bridge you turn on to the Road 90, direction Kramfors-Sollefteå, and drive about 10 minutes NW on it. Soon after you pass Gustavsviks harbor on the right hand side, you see a little blue house near the road on the right side - this is where you get off the road. Our Bay is then down a few hundred meters behind and below the blue house. You can leave the car with us, while you are out kayaking.

Please note that during 2023 we only take prebooked customers/guests, and we do not rent kayaks for less than one day.