Down the River

    • For you who have some kayaking experience, not necessarily Sea Kayaking

    • Self-guided kayaking down the calm, majestic Ågnermanälven River

    • "Like trekking in the Swedish Fjells - but on water!", as someone said

    • From Sollefteå to the High Coast Bridge

    • Can usually be done in 3 - 4 days

To slowly glide down the mighty Ångermanälven, "The River Route", is an alternative for you who prefer less open sea, but still want the feeling and experience of the High Coast, surrounding you with blue-green mountains and forests. On this route you could also bring kids, if old enough for a K1, or with you in a double kayak (K2). It's a perfect tour for you who want a beautiful summer memory of semi-wilderness.

We drive you to a starting place just downstream of the last hydroelectric power dam in Sollefteå. To begin with, the river is relatively narrow and winding, without being too rapid - perfect for learning the kayaks. After around 35 kilometers, at Sandslån, the river gets wider and wider, to finally transform into a large sea bay, under the High Coast Bridge, at around 60 kilometers from start. Common speed is to stay two-three nights on the way, reaching the High Coast Bridge, or our base, on day three-four.

You can either find places for your tent in nature, "wild camping" (there are a few suitable islands on the way), or you may pre-book at one of the few but fine B&B:s along the way. We can give you a few tips.

A couple of grateful customers, Sébastien and Coralie from Belgium, made each one video of their tour (back in 2011!).

View River Route video (Coralies – ”catching the silence of nature..”)

View River Route video on YouTube (Sébastiens – with intro map, from our base in 2011, Härnösand)

What do we offer, and what not?

We offer:

  • kayaks with buoyancy aid, paddle, spraydeck and map
  • transport for paddlers, kayaks and gear to suitable starting place
  • if needed, pick-up at an agreed place (most people paddle to our base at Ramön)
  • a bit of "stand by back-up" if you run into some trouble, or bad weather - then we can pick you up earlier
  • if needed, you can camp at our base night before or after your tour
  • if you arrive by car, the car and stuff can rest with us while you are out

Your own responsibilities:

  • outdoor and camping gear like tent, sleeping bag, stove (some can be rented)
  • food; water containers
  • if you want, booking of B&B along the way

We do not offer:

  • Any drop-in activities (only prebooked groups/individuals welcome)
  • Shorter rental than two days

Landing places for breaks and nights are usually easy to find for smaller groups - if you are more than two-three small tents it can be a bit more difficult, then you may have to start looking a couple of hours before you really have to break. Leeward and windward does not mean as much here as further out by the High Coast, but it still plays some role, especially the later parts when the River is more of a Sea Bay.

Also remember not to unnecessarily disturb the wild birds, and note that the great gift of "Every mans Right of access to Nature", in Swedish Allemansrätten (please click and read the previous link!) also comes with duties and responsibilities. No one should be able to see where you have spent your break for meal, or for the night.

More in-depth descriptions and more tips can be found here:

  • ”Höga Kusten – vandring, paddling och sevärdheter i världsarvet, skärgården och Skuleskogens nationalparkt”. - Excellent book by Steven Ekholm, second edition 2019. Unfortunately yet not in English, and not on web.

How do I book?

See under "Booking", where there is also a price list. First contact with us is always by e-mail. When you arrive, we exchange phone numbers for communication during your tour, if needed.