The "From Church to Church" Event

"From Church to Church" - short history and pictures

From 1970 to the middle of the 90's the "From Church to Church" paddling event was held yearly between the Church of Nora and the Church of Nordingrå. Up to 50 - 70 kayaks and canadian canoes participated. It has never been meant as a contest, rather a "social paddling", talking to new and old acquaintances while enjoying the views. The paddling stretches over three phases, first over a lake, then over a sea bay, and then another lake, with short land passages between them. The paddling is slightly above 20 km. A "Church Paddler of the Year" was crowned on merits where speed was not the first.

In 2010 the Kayaking section of Friluftsfrämjandet and we at High Coast Kayak (then also under the name "High Coast Experience") woke this fine tradition back to life. This was done together with "AGMA Forntid och Äventyr AB" and with Friluftsfrämjandet Höga Kusten.

The day tour went from Nora Church, over the lake Norasundet, to landing passage Eden - Edensviken, with also break for hot dogs and soft drinks. Then over the sea bay Gaviksfjärden, with a couple of boats for security, into Häggvik. After a second small land transport, with lunch at Fårhällan, the third and last stretch over the lake Vågsfjärden (historically a sea bay, but due to land rise now a lake), passing beneath the Nordingrå Church to the finish at Lappudden.

In 2010 we were 17 starting in light rain, in 2011 31 in blazing sun. 2012 again 33, and we found that was optimal (the logistics of the two land passages, and a kayaking carriage that could load 16-18 kayaks in one go). Since then we continued with the aim of quality instead of increased quantity. And that worked fine all the way until 2016. From then on, other duties have come between, and the "From Church to Church" event has had to rest again.

Here we put some pictures and press from our Churh Paddle Events 2010 - 2016. Many have missed the event, and we do not totally rule out it being restarted again.