The High Coast Trail

The High Coast Trail stretches between Hornöberget, just by the High Coast Bridge, and the central square of Örnsköldsvik. It is a total of 128 km excellent trekking trail that takes you on everything from rocky and difficult tracks to easy country roads.

It takes you through gorgeous landscapes, up to great views from top-of-the-hills, and down to the water level, with fantastic variation.

One of the highlights is the Skuleskogen National Park - like made for trekking, and with a lot of space for all.


Slåttdalsskrevan is a must for anyone entering the Skule forest - do not try to jump the rift.. It is a pretty heavy walk up to it, but it is worth it.

The trail is divided into 13 parts, enabling you to pick only a few if you are short of time. On most parts there are somewhere to stay the night, from small hotels to unmanned cabins. Each part has accessibility points by car, and some can be reached by bus.


HERE you find information about the trail, including a map, the 13 parts, things close by, and some nice views..

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