On top of our regular kayaking fleet, we have a couple of Hobie kayaks that are great fun! One H1 and one H2 (for one and two persons, respectively - but you can also sail the H2 by yourself, allowing even more space for packing, and some more sail area). Hobie kayaks can be propelled in three ways - paddled, pedaled or sailed. In practice, they are most fun to sail, and then you use the pedals to tack through the wind, or if you are out of wind.. Paddles used mostly when sail is down and rudder and centerboard up before landing.

When waves grow, the pontoons can dig themselves down a bit, but on flat water and decent wind they make good speed running down wind, or on beam reach.

HERE you find more details on the Mirage Tandem Island, our H2.

We've had a lot of fun with them along the High Coast!

What we presently offer is pre-booked rental from our bridge in Ramöviken for day tours, including short instructions. You don't have to be Sailing Pro's, but you need to have done some sailing before.

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