Our location

From Summer 2023 we re-start again, from a new place, carefully chosen after some years of searching - at the intersection of the Ångerman River with the Sea, a short bit up the River from the High Coast Bridge, on the Western shore. The location gives perfect access to both the River and the High Coast.

Start- or landing place for kayaking tours are often our own bridge by our beautiful little protected bay, Ramöviken (picture of our summer house with the bridge, taken from "The Beaver Watch Cliff" on opposite side of the bay):

Below is a Google Map where you can see our main area of action and our main kayaking routes:

Link to Google Maps

In 2023, we have no "drop-in" activities, we only take pre-booked customers. For travelling directions please se the tab "Getting here”.

The street address is Ramö 124, 872 93 Lunde