High Coast Trail

The High Coast Trail stretches from Hornöberget Mountain, just above the High Coast Bridge, and the town square in Örnsköldsvik. All in all it is 128 kms varying trail, well marked, that carries you through sometimes tougher ground and difficult tracks, sometimes on easily walked road.

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It takes you through many beautiful landscapes and you walk up and down from sea level to high hills, giving you a lot of great views. The rich variation makes it a fantastic experience to walk this trail, as you never get tired of the type of scenery.

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One of the highlights is the Skuleskogen National Park – it is as if made for trekking, and despite the many day tourers there, you can still sense you have the forest by yourself.

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“Slåttdalsskrevan”, the local Grand Canyon.. is a must for a visitor, clearly worth the effort of walking up and through it – and the view from up top is not bad either.

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The track is divided into 13 parts which makes it easier to choose a few if you do not have that much time. For each part there is usually some way of spending the night, varying from hotels to small unmanned huts, and to and from each part there is road leading up to it – to some places there is also bus.

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(We offer you help with: driving you out, bringing you back in, and being there as your “back up” if you would need to return early. We also rent gear like tent, camping stove, sleeping mattresses.)

More info on this track,though presently only in Swedish, you can find here.