Trekking, walking, tramping, backpacking.. Not everyone likes to travel on water, but still want to enjoy the area.

In the High Coast we have the privilege of two beautiful trails for trekking, the High Coast Trail,
that strestches between the High Coast Bridge and Örnsköldsvik, and the World Heritage Trail, trailing around and along the green hills of Nordingrå.

If you don’t want to be out for a long period of time we can, depending on what you want to see, recommend parts of the trail – if you want to combine it with kayaking you find more information under Combo’s, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to make you get the most out of your stay.

What we offer those that want to enjoy the High Coast /also/ on foot:

Driving you out/bringing you back in - 30 SEK/driven km, “backup” if should you for some reason need to quit earlier, and rental of some gear. For further information of what gear we have to offer look under Rental Prices for 2015

BOOKING: For lifts, renting gear, please mail us, if urgent call us.