The River Route

The River Route, down the majestic Ångerman River, is a great choice for you who prefer less of open sea, but still want to enjoy the wilderness and the views of the High Coast, with the blue green mountains around.. As someone said: “it is like walking in the Swedish Fjells – only on water!”. This route is more accessible also for the non-experts, and you may bring the kids or family.

A couple of grateful customers, Sébastien and Coralie, from Belgium, produced each a video of their tour:

View River Route video (Coralies – “catching the silence of nature..”)

View River Route video on YouTube (Sébastiens – with intro map)

A good starting place is the town of Sollefteå, below the last dam. From there you follow the River downstream – in the beginning relatively narrow, and you feel the calm stream, but no white waters, and successively the River widens down towards the High Coast Bridge, to become more of a fiord or a bay of the Baltic Sea.

kajak och vandring031     kajak och vandring041

You may either go for total freedom with “wild camping”, or you can prebook a night or two at one of the few but fine B&B:s along the River.

kajak och vandring071    kajak och vandring081

After two nights on the way, by the third you would normally have reached the High Coast Bridge area.

kajak och vandring161


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