The High Coast Route, or “The High Route”

Sea kayaking from Härnösand to/towards Örnsköldsvik.

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The High Coast from kayak – “It’s like trekking in the fjells – except you are doing it on water”, someone told us.

In the summer, when there is wind, the predominating wind direction is from South to North. That means the best is to go from Härnösand towards the North. It also means that, if wind gets stronger, waves may build up along the more exposed parts of the coast, which are many. The High Coast Route is not for beginners – if your level of sea kayaking experience is not that great, the “River Route” may be a wiser choice. But for the experienced sea kayaker the High Route is perfect – when there is wind, you surf with the waves in the right direction, and if there is no wind.. well, a calm sea is not bad, either.




First the classic gray granite in the South, and soon you pass our local landmark, The High Coast Bridge, past the green hills of Nordingrå, and then the more reddish granite of the North, including Trysunda.


The distance straight from Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik is roughly 100 km, which with suitable weather and form is doable in about a week – if you want. There is a lot of nice bays, beautiful uninhabited islands and some charming fishing villages to be distracted by on the way.. The fastest so far did it in five days (despite spending two nights in one favorite place), but more normal is 7 – 10 days, or even two weeks, if you really want to unwind in the wilderness.