Sea kayaking

Unfortunately 2016 was the last summer High Coast Experience could be operated, we might come back in a few years but as for now we’re closing down. As we still think you should consider sea kayaking at the High Coast, we leave this web page open to share some maps, photos, and to give you some tips for other actors with kayaks in the area:

- In Härnösand, Friluftsfrämjandet will have some tours: FF Härnösand Kajaksektion

- Just north of Härnösand, we have again in summer 2017 Hemsö Kajak

- Further north, there is kayak rental in Lappudden

- North of that, close to Högbonden Island, there is Bönhamns kajak

- North of that, at the Skulle Mountain, you can find also kayaks at Friluftsbyn

- Further north, you can usually find kayaks in Örnsköldsvik, and to the west, in Sollefteå up the Ångermanälven River.

Kayakers on the High Coast

high coast of sweden


This is Sofia and Karin’s route from five days kayaking on the High Coast in July. They had some pretty good weather and say “very happy with the kayaks, gear and getting picked up at the end. Such a great experience!”