Brazilian TV filming at High Coast

Team Globo, Storviken, TrysundaIn the Summer of 2014, we had the honor and pleasure of hosting a TV team from the largest Brazilian TV company, Globo, including their enormously celebrated TV star Gloria Maria, whose Friday evening talk program counts at least 40 million viewers each Friday.. They filmed four World Heritage sites in Sweden, including the High Coast.

The result went on air Friday, October 3, and we here link to the parts from the High Coast.

1) A short film from the Trysunda Island, which the team liked a lot, can be found HERE: TRYSUNDA FILM

or the complete link here:

2) Some nice views from the top of the Skule Mountain (coming after Laponia, Midnight Sun, from about 3:15 into the film), HERE:  SKULE VIEWS 3:15 in

We of course welcome some of the 40 million or so viewers to visit the High Coast, and why not by kayak, one of the coming summers!

Gloria of Globo and Simon of HCE