“The church paddle day” – still resting – none planned for 2021 either

To see some pictures from earlier Church paddles, go to here.

In short, it’s an old tradition, that has been running from the 70′s, and now taken up again from 2010. We arrange it together with/under the flag of  Friluftsfrämjandet Härnösands Kajaksektion together with some other local actors. Usually, we are from 30 – 50 kayaks, sometimes a Canadian canoe or a Klepper joins in.
We welcome also foreign tourists to participate, provided you have some previous kayaking experience – enough to take you through one days kayaking, in total around 23 km:s. There are two passages over land, as the stretch is over one lake, land passage, over Gaviksfjärden Bay of the sea, land passage, and then again a part over a lake, Lake Vågsfjärden in Nordingrå. Participants must be able to swim, at least 200 m. Wearing a personal flotation device/buoyancy aid is mandatory at all times on the water. It is not a competition, except for the last stretch, the shortest, and final. Apart from that, we stay together – it’s more a “cocktail party” on water. Especially on the part over the sea bay there may sometimes be waves, and for everyones safety you must be disciplined and stay between the leading kayak and the end leader.
Pre-booking is mandatory – if you are interested simply contact us. Kayak can be your own, or be rented from us.
There is a small fee, 150 – 200 SEK/person.

Next one will be preliminarily on Saturday on the 30th July 2016.

Welcome to join us!

Kayaking in Härnösand

For the time being, our company is at rest. We still keep the website open to show you some beautiful sights of the High Coast, and we hope to open up again one day!

Meanwhile, look for other actors in the area, or just arrange a tour by yourself, if you are an experienced kayaker and have your own kayak. Good luck!